Structured Data Product Markup for e-commerce Marketplace where there are multiple sellers for single product

by Bhargav Joshi   Last Updated August 30, 2018 10:04 AM

I want to apply structured data product markup for a marketplace website. I have a page where five sellers are selling the same product.

Each seller has different price and different rating. The seller gets his aggregate rating by his buyers.

I want to apply product markup and want to include - product details, price, rating, availability.

There is a confusion in this case:

  1. For the product rating, should I consider rating for all five sellers in total? If yes, then ratings displayed on SERP is different that that on the page. It will break Google's guidelines and Google might give a penalty

  2. Can I use product markup for five sellers independently? In this case, out of five markups, which markup is considered by Google?

or is there any other method to markup?

I will appreciate if someone guides me on the best way of marking up such page.

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