Google not indexing a recent WordPress post

by Amarjit Singh   Last Updated August 13, 2018 20:04 PM

Recently I've published my recent WordPress post on my blog. Normally whenever I post something on my blog It gets indexed almost instantly. But that didn't happen with my recent post.

I've asked from some of my colleagues about this incident and they told google can take up to 4 to 5 days to index new content. So I checked after 3 days by searching and I got my new post in results. In fact, it was ranking on the first page with targeted keywords.

But now after a week, It is again removed from the Google index. even its not coming by typing

I think this post appears to be suspicious to google bot because of this paragraph:

After implementing this technique I had reduced the response time from 1.5 seconds to under 170 milliseconds. So you can expect a 94% reduction in server response time if you also have a response time of 1.5 seconds or above.

Also, I've tried requesting google to index the new post from google webmaster.

Update The content in the post is 100 % unique.

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