Should a page with adsense be viewed at least once for adsense crawler to crawl?

by Kannan   Last Updated July 21, 2018 19:04 PM

I use plugins to insert Adsense codes on my WordPress website. The plugin has an option to disable ads for the admin user. Hence, I will not be seeing ads when creating and publishing/reviewing posts. When I visit the pages I have created, there will be no requests to Adsense servers.

When I visit my page an anonymous user for the first time, ads don't load most certainly. (But there will be requests to the Adsense server with single digit coverage.). But the ads appear during the subsequent visits (when refreshing the page or visiting after a while). Does that mean the page with Adsense has to be viewed in the browser at least once for Adsense crawler to visit and crawl the page?

I am asking this because Adsense crawler is different from google search bot.


Unless someone visits the page in a browser there is no chance for Adsense crawler to know in advance that the page has Adsense codes in it.

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