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by Ramesh Kithsiri HettiArachchi   Last Updated April 13, 2018 16:04 PM

My web site is writing sitemaps dynamically when a user created a post. But I have a problem with sitemap types. I have to write separately to sitemap_image.xml,sitemap_url.xml,sitemap_video.xml files when a user write a post and upload images and videos to it.

My Question is:-

Can I write all things to one sitemap file under google SEO rules.?


<urlset xmlns="" 
         <image:title>Grey cat on the table</image:title>
         <image:geo_location>Berlin, Germany</image:geo_location>
         <image:caption>Funny cat on the table is looking at photographer.</image:caption>
         </video: thumbnail_loc>
         <video:title>Clown in the garden</video:title>
         <video:description>Crazy clown is riding a rabbit.</video:description>    

Thanks in advanced for any help and sorry for my bad english.

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