JSON-LD detected by the structured data validation tool, but not by the search console

by Adam Matan   Last Updated April 09, 2018 20:04 PM

My problem

I have added JSON-LD structured data to my site about a local software conference. The markup is valid in Google's on Structured Data Testing Tool.

Structured Data Testing Tool

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However, Google's own Search Console does not detect any structured data on the same URL:

Search Console

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What have I read / tried

Questions and answers here

Both don't seem to apply - I'm not complaining about search results taking long time to propagate, but about the very JSON-LD being recognized by one Google tool but not by the other.


The site as scraped by Google a few good gours after the JSON-LD as in place. The TTL for the HTML files is set to 5 minutes.

My question

Why doesn't the search console recognize my structured site data, and how can I fix it?

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