How iframe affects SEO of source page (source page, not the page where is iframe used)?

by Darko   Last Updated April 04, 2018 10:04 AM

Does iframe affect SEO of its parent page? - gives answer about SEO of page where is iframe used (parent page). My question is about source page (page of origin of iframe).

I have website on URL:

It is site for tour operator. For the purpose of business I made iframe versions of that website to give it to partners (subagents). Iframe version is actually my website without header and footer, all the rest is almost the same (it have prices, pictures, descriptions, availability etc). I made multiple iframe versions with same content but all generated on different on URL's:

Instances are made to give each of them ability to receive email from customers on desired email. So when customer look content from iframe (on my partners website) he can send book request. That request sends email to my partner and they have ability to sell it and take provision etc. So I basically have same content on 15 different URL's.

Question 1. How 15x same content on different URL's affect my website SEO?

All 15 instances are identical (my website without header and footer).

Question 2. Does iframe pass google juice to my website like regular backlink (i see backlinks from websites that using my iframe in my SEM tool)

Will my website eventually have some rank progress if websites that using my iframe have much higher rank then my website.

Question3. Is this iframe implementation brings any good to my website in the way of google ranking.

It is also very important to me to have good rank for my website, so how does this kind of iframe affect that.

Thank you in advance!

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