Outdated 404 errors that are linked to from the pages themselves

by Mike   Last Updated January 14, 2018 01:04 AM

I have a lot of 404 errors in my Google search console and have been researching this a bit. I understand they are generally not going to impact anything, but I did read that if they are internally linked from your website, that could be a problem for search rankings. My issue is that a lot of these 404 errors are coming from pages I deleted years ago. When I go to see where they are linked from, the answer is the non-www version of the page itself, my homepage (which does not have such a link), and other outdated pages that no longer exist.

For instance, there is a 404 error for the page: http://www.effectivetherapysolutions.com/our-team.html

Search console says this is linked from the following pages:

http://www.effectivetherapysolutions.com/consultation.html (a page that hasn't existed for years) http://www.effectivetherapysolutions.com/ (my homepage, which does not have such a link) http://www.effectivetherapysolutions.com/adult-anxiety-therapy.html (another page that hasn't existed for years) http://effectivetherapysolutions.com/our-team.html (the same address, but without "www")

There are a ton of pages like this listed in my crawl errors.

I just want to make sure this doesn't end up counting as an internal 404 error that could impact my search rankings? Is it okay to leave it alone?

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