Prestashop SEO - Crawl Budget Optimization

by Ric   Last Updated January 12, 2018 12:04 PM

I am helping a friend to improve his rankings. They have great content, but (according to the logs) GoogleBot seems to get lost in the not-so-important details instead of spending time on the important ones (the content and the products)

It would be great if someone here can help me with this:

There are a lot of CSS with parameters. For instance I have:

  • ....and a lot more like those.

How should I handle them? Some alternatives (please, give me your thoughts):

  1. Disallow all of them but the correct one. Problem: they are HUNDREDS and with no real pattern and they change continually.
  2. Ignore it, paying the cost of crawl budget (I don't like this one)
  3. Combining css into one so at least we have fewer events.

Any other idea?


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