What are user-defined templates in DFP and why are they used?

by John Washam   Last Updated January 11, 2018 16:04 PM

We have a client who asked us how to use a "User Defined Creative Template" ad from DFP. I'm not familiar with these templates, so after doing a Google search for "dfp user defined templates," it brings up this help article from Google Support. Even after reading the article, I still don't understand what the templates are and why they are used. Is it an actual ad creative that already looks a certain way, and you just customize a few things, or are these templates nothing but a bunch of variables you have to set before it has any look to it at all? Are the variables set by the DFP user before they generate the ad tag, or when they place the ad tag on the site (i.e. in the JavaScript on the site)? Also, what is the use-case for these templates, and how do they help management of ads in DFP?

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