Which schema markup is this?

by F. S. O.   Last Updated January 11, 2018 14:04 PM

Does anybody knows which schema markup is this?

enter image description here

Looking at the page's source code (website www.pegadesconto.com.br/desconto/americanas/), apperently I didn't find a Json or anyother microdata to indicate to Google to show that info the SERP. There is only this in the HTML:

<div class="widget-content shadow-box">
    <div class="infoloja">
                    <th>Total de Descontos</th>
                    <th>Códigos Promocionais</th>
                    <th>Ofertas e Promoções</th>
                    <th>Melhor Desconto</th>
                    <td>20% off</td>

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