Keywords vs Meta-Keywords

by Paulmcf1987   Last Updated January 10, 2018 17:04 PM

I was hoping someone could help.

I have a wordpress/woocommerce online store and use Yoast SEO Plugin which allows me to Add one Focus Keyword and multiple Meta Keywords

It does say, however, that id i chose a Focus Keyword that it will over ride the meta-keywords.

I used the website crawler which shows the keywords for the page I crawled and it does not return my focus Keyword but it does return the Meta-keywords.

I am keen to find out what should work better for SEO, One focus Keyword or multiple meta keywords.

I feel like having only one focus keyword will pigeon hole me whereas multiple metas should open me up to more possibilities?

I have tried searching for answers on google and seem to get a variety of different contradicting answers

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