Migrating (image) CDN subdomain from HTTP to HTTPS

by rihe   Last Updated January 09, 2018 15:04 PM

I am migrating one of my sites from HTTP to HTTPS. It is totally clear how to do things for my main www.myexampledomain.com, however I'm not sure some little details about migrating cdn.myexampledomain.com.

So what is the best way (from Google/SEO point of view) to 301 redirect my old http CDN links to the new https?

  1. My first idea is to simply set it in the Amazon Cloudfront admin to force http to https. This way when Googlebot visits an old http link it will be redirected to the new one. While the previous version is for the already indexed links, I would also change the CDN links on the site to https.

  2. After I did the 301 redirect, do I need anything else regarding to my CDN domain? Will Googlebot reindex the CDN links when detects the protocol change or it will be informed when I resubmit a sitemap for the main domain and indexes it again?

  3. Can be an issue if the SSL cert of the main and cdn domain is different?

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