Is it possible to specify the homepage in google's SEO

by Lynob   Last Updated January 08, 2018 09:04 AM

I have built in Wordpress, SEO done using YOAST, if you search "" for it on bing or yahoo or duckduckgo, then it will appear on top, followed by and that's what the client want.

The homepage or landing page is called "Profile"

If you search on google, then appears first, part of the reason, is because it has much more content than the homepage, followed by

The client keeps asking me about it, I told him let it go, you're lucky enough that it's appearing on google, but he keeps insisting that he wants to sort it, homepage first, followed by whatever page.

He keeps telling me that all his friends, have websites and if you google for them, they'll be sorted, homepage first and so on. I think the reason is, his friends' websites don't have SEO at all.

What I could do, is turn off any kind of SEO, then google will show his domain first, or I could turn off indexing for the media in Yoast, then won't have any leverage over homepage but either of those options would hurt him badly, even if he doesn't know it, because he has many images so indexing media is a huge plus for him.

I could change the title of the homepage from "profile" to "homepage", but I don't know if that would mean anything to google. Please note that all of the website is made of wordpress pages, it's a portfolio static website.

Is there a way, either by code, or by wordpress plugin or yoast or google webmaster tool, or sitemap, to get google to recognize what page is the homepage and get it to show it first hopefully?

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