One company two domains for two countries - Google Search

by JPalomino   Last Updated January 02, 2018 16:04 PM

My company has two domains: - (for Peru) - (for Argentina) was already taken so i had to buy one domain for each country.

These two sites have pretty similar content but the "spanish is different" for each site.

The problem is about Google Search, when I search "company" in Peru, it shows "" .But when i do the same in Argentina is showing again "" . I tried using cr=countryAR as parameter and only with that way "" appears in the result.

I think the problem is that in Google Business i added the website as my company's site. I added both sites in Google Webmaster Tools and set the target for each to the belonging country, but it's not working.

So, is there a way to tell Google that both belongs to the same company? So it serves the correct domain depending of where i search. Or is something else i can do to fix this ?

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