Crawl and structured data errors on non-existent webpages

by firefirehelphelp   Last Updated January 02, 2018 14:04 PM

I have errors reported in two sections of my google search console:

1) Structured data It indicates that the following pages were missing several information like entry-title, updated and author. /?p=6 /?p=1 /?m=201710

2) Crawl error It indicates that "Googlebot couldn't access the contents of this URL because the server had an internal error when trying to process the request. These errors tend to be with the server itself, not with the request." for the following link: /?cat=1

This results in an response code of 503.

What I am confused about is that the above links do not even appear on my sitemap.xml file? So I can't understand how to fix it.

Has it got to do with google not having the most updated sitemap.xml file of my website? If so, how should I get them to retrieve the most updated version?

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