Is the following considered keyword stuffing?

by Terry_Brown   Last Updated January 02, 2018 13:04 PM

We have been asked to h1 tag something by our SEO agency, and I just wanted to sanity check it as it feels very much on the darker side of content management to me (as someone with less experience of this).

They have asked for the phrase 'exclusive games' to be on the site, but the ranking keyword to be an H1 (as per the below markup)

<div class="seo-welcomepage-h1">exclusive <h1>ranking keyword</h1> games</div>

(the outer div we added to ensure that formatting was consistent across the three words)

This troubles me - it's not semantic content, and it feels like we're trying to rank on a keyword without actually pushing the whole phrase as the 'heading'.

Obviously with CSS, I can make it all 'look' correct, but it just feels more underhand than just making the whole thing an h1.

Thoughts on this? Is it an acceptable SEO practice? Is the semantic nature of the content secondary to getting that single keyword ranked?


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