Not use Google Analytics could penalize page rank in Google Search?

by anvd   Last Updated December 31, 2017 17:04 PM

I am using Yandex Metrika as tool for analytics. However I am concerned about the impacts in terms of SEO. For example. How Google knows how much time the users stay in this website? I mean, things like bounce rate, direct traffic, these type of things will be hidden to Google since I am not using Google analytics?

Or Yandex Metrika share these type of data with Google? I am afraid that I am losing some good data to improve my page ranking in Google Search. Anyone could clarify if my concerns have some logic?

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There is no direct link between not having Google Analytics as your tool and your ranking in Google. Google will crawl your site like usual. However, I do recommend to set up your website in Google Webmasters Tools as you can control important settings there, in example preferred version of site (www/non-www), you can adjust international targeting, find crawl errors and other suggestions. There are many benefits to using Webmasters Tools and the settings within may have impact on the rankings.

In short, Google Analytics doesn't impact rankings in my understanding, however Google Webmasters Tools can have a positive effect after minor configuration.

December 31, 2017 16:58 PM

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