Collect live data from other websites?

by Blue11440   Last Updated December 30, 2017 21:04 PM

Please can you share your opinion and best practices in this area.

As you probably know there are popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others, there are a lot of markets for trading with lot of data about indices, prices and changes.

If I have a simple website and I want to have latest data from these trading websites on my website what is best method to do it? For example, there is a table with indices that is updated every 5 minutes, if I create the same table on my website which conditions must be fulfilled in order to have the fresh (updated) numbers always on my website? That page doesn't offer options like "Share data" or copy/paste HTML code to your own website etc.

How to handle data which changes every 5 minutes? Is possible to pull out that live data quickly enough and paste it to my website in changed format? In what way?

NOTE: I'm not using real names of trading websites to avoid making advertisement.

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