Search Console: Server Connectivity Error - Connect Timeout

by Valentijn van den Hout   Last Updated December 24, 2017 23:04 PM

Over the last 4 days server connectivity errors have started to pop up in my Search Console.

enter image description here

Specifically, it is the connection timeout error.

I have been talking to my hosting provider and they claim there have not and should not be any problems on the server side.

Also, I have reached out for help on the Google Webmaster Forum and there we came up with the following:

-Many requests for images on my own domain (even though cumulative size is large). -Some images return a 404, though I am aware of this and have a script running that checks if an image gives a 404, and replaces it. This means there are multiple http requests to image sources that are hosted on my site as well

So, possibly Google bails out sometimes to make sure there is no server overload. Or at least that is what we thought.

If I use "Fetch as Google" it often returns "temporarily unreachable", though sometimes it works.

If I test with Google Pagespeed Insights it also often returns "Timeout while connecting to Ensure that the page is accessible from the public Internet."

This happens both sometimes for the homepage, but mainly for pages like:

Somebody any thoughts? I really want to solve this issue because I am scared it will affect my rankings.

Looking forward to your responses.

Take care!

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