Automatically Generating Spam Backlinks : Negative SEO

by Sham Adam   Last Updated December 23, 2017 06:04 AM

In last 10 days, my website traffic was suddenly increasing. Yesterday I have noticed that my domain authority value and my website backlinks are also increased. I reviewed my backlinks in and I have noticed that in last 6 days more than 2000+ backlinks were generated, most of the backlinks are in the comments section of Wordpress websites. i.e daily new 300+ spam backlinks are automatically generating.

I wonder how my website links appear in the comment section, I didn't even do that. My website links listed as Pingback in some website, some of my website links are listed as the trackback and some of my website links are appear in comment name. All of my website links are mostly using same keyword (i.e Same Anchor text)

For your ref:

My website links are listed as Pingback(Comment Section) in the following URL:

My website links are listed as Trackback(Comment Section) in the following URLs:

My website links appear in Title (Comment Section) in the following URLs:

I didn't do this, Can anybody tell me why this is happening?

Most of the links are no follow link, I think some of my competitor deliberately doing this to ruining my website reputation, am I correct or not? All of the links are generated in the Comment section of WordPress websites.

I know these low-quality links are bad for my SEO How to overcome this? Daily 300+ links are generating I can't do google disavow tool. If I have to do google disavow, every day I have to spend half of my time to verify 300+ links to create .txt for google disavow. These Backlinks are not updated in Moz Open Site Explorer so that I can't use Spam Analysis to generate the text file for 8+ Spam Flags.

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