Targetting multilingual website on Google

by Czajkowski Dariusz   Last Updated December 22, 2017 18:04 PM


I own a website and I really want to be on the top of Google rank (obviously), when you search by my full name. Dariusz Czajkowski.

If you search from a computer, that has the English language as a default, my website may come as a first one in the rank. But, when you have Polish set up (which is my primary audience), the website comes in 5th or 6th.

The problem is, Google doesn't recognize, that my website has two languages available at /pl and /en, even though my sitemap states that clearly.


How do you tell Google, that one's website is available in multiple languages:

  • Polish at /pl,
  • English at /en,
  • (and German at /de).

The sitemap is available and recognized by Google (I have successfully uploaded it to Google Search Console). Regardless, no matter if you use Polish or English browser, browse from Poland or anywhere in the world, Google always points to, which is in English by default.

I shall add the website is up and running for several months (and several weeks after major changes). It has been already indexed by Google (verified in Search Console) and all pages recognized (but not respected) via a submitted sitemap.

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