WordPress cache are there even after uninstall the WordPress

by Vinoli Senanayake   Last Updated December 21, 2017 23:04 PM

a week ago on my shared host server, i install WordPress only in my blog directory. and created few blog posts. (other parts of the website is just HTML, js and CSS no WordPress ) there after I uninstalled WordPress successfully. (there is an option in Cpanel, to uninstall, both database and files were deleted successfully) . then I created the same blog post manually using just HTML and CSS.

now in my google search console under HTML Improvements section there is a warning Duplicate meta descriptions and Duplicate title tags for my current page and that past WordPress page link. but as I said WordPress is now not on the server. but when I visit the link there is some half page no images but style and text there. it must be a cache as I think. is anyone know how to clear it ? or any other solution, please.

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