muntilingual site with all traffic on same page, no hidden content for SEO ranking

by Beau-Jay Valgaeren   Last Updated December 04, 2017 00:04 AM

I'm working for a company that wants to compete with several other site that allready have much more traffic and end up higher on the SEO ranking.

I went over it with PR and our best solution would be to create landing page with the highest possible Ranking we can manage.

The problem I'm facing is that with the 'normal' way of managing multilingual sites the traffic is being divided between the different sub-domains.

when I use hidden divs for the other languages that show up when selecting the other language, the content with specific terminology would get a major penalty for having {display: none;

A frame wich shows the different language-pages on the same over-all page would end up with the language pages being found in google and people landing on them wich would generate no traffic on the over-all page. I could forward the language pages to the overall page with the frame. But wouldn't this giv me a big penalty also.

Does any one has a solution for this problem or is it just something that is this way with Google.

Thx in advance

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