After removing all URLs and resubmitting to google search engine. Iv'e not been indexed!

by Rivash Harripersad   Last Updated November 24, 2017 12:04 PM

I'm fairly new to websites, earlier this year I started with a static website just submitting .html files to learn seo well. Eventually, I decided to get into wordpress and start fresh with the same domain.

I removed all my URLs from google search console but forgot to change the robots.txt and the sitemap. So basically the google crawler kept checking for URLs that doesn't exist. This went along for about 2 or 3 weeks till the wordpress site was ready and I found out about it and saw many 404 errors. I marked all as fixed and

-----I changed the robots.txt to this.-----

User-agent: * Disallow:

Sitemap: Sitemap: Sitemap:

-----and my sitemap to this.----- 2017-11-24T02:25:35+02:00 2017-11-22T02:42:54+02:00 2017-11-24T02:25:35+02:00

I thought it could be the .htaccess but when I took a look at it. It was populated already by W3 Cashe plugin. So it can't be that.

Just to note the new sitemap is reading properly as well as the robots.txt on google console.

There hasn't been any virus attacks plus the domain is mine from the beginning.

This all happened when I removed all URLs and tried to resubmit the fresh website with the same domain. I don't understand why im not being indexed already. It been about two days.

Could it be that I need to wait a while like at the beginning when I first submitted to google search? It takes a good few days, if im not mistaken or is it something else. Please help. Thanks.

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