Common method terms to improve searching results (not visiting or SEO)

by Charles Zha   Last Updated August 18, 2017 22:04 PM

I'm new to Webmasters. Recently I built a small website for students who want to find roommates after they find a nice apartment.

The apartment location, size, number of rooms and monthly rental fees is filled and recorded by the system, together with some metadata including the description and photos.

Right now I can only provide searching based on keywords. I start to wonder if there are any algorithms that I can try implement on my system to improve the searching results. I've considered methods including:

Providing information as many as possible to achieve precise search. Record previous customers' searching preference, and provide closer results for the next customer But still these are a little bit straight forward and facile.

What are the common methods do people use to optimize searching results and ADs providing?

Thank you!

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