Google SEO/SEM History API with pushing an unvisited page to history

by JSDev93   Last Updated June 07, 2017 00:04 AM

I have read through many of the history api and SEO/SEM questions and I understand that Google can crawl dynamic pages but can google crawl pages on the back button?

If I was to dynamically add to history (my Homepage) on my angular site by doing a history.replacestate then history.pushstate, while never actually changing pages, so when the user hits back, they land on my homepage, would google be able to know that I inserted dynamically into history without the user ever navigating? I understand this isn't the best UX but I am asking from an SEO/SEM quality score point of view.

Steps to Get this

  1. You are on google or some other referrer and you click a link to go to
  2. On the second page we use the history api to push into the history
  3. When the user hits back, popstate event listener is fired and we show our homepage and change the url state to
  4. If the user hits back one more time they go back to google or said referrer

Do you know if googlebot would track something like this? We only inset and fire show the homepage if the document.referrer is defined from another domain so if a user was to directly navigate to we wouldn't fire the pushstate or if they were to navigate internally from to we wouldn't fire this also.

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