Javascript framework and SEO?

by Banshee   Last Updated June 01, 2017 12:04 PM

Im about to build a new website and singelpaged webapps with some javascript frameworks(Angular, React, Aurelia, Vue...) seems to be vary popular.

SEO is important in this case and after som reading it appears like I have to add a component on the service that renders a special webpage for SEO? This component and its output needs to be maintained and checked to make sure that I do not suddenly lose SEO.

To be sure that SEO works to 100% it seems like a multipage website is still the best way to go. Is this true?

So a middle way would be to develop a multipage where the service generates the base and the framework is used for user interaction(for example controls).

I have heard that google is crawling javascript pages but I havenĀ“t found how this compares to regular multipage sites?

Anyone here got some more information?

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