Does Angular browser language detection and redirection affect SEO?

by Thịnh Phạm   Last Updated April 12, 2017 14:04 PM

I'm building an Angular app that supports English and Japanese.

  • The main site:, is displaying in Japanese.
  • The other one:, is displaying in English.

There's a logic that detect first visit to and redirect the user to the right page based on user browser language.

There's a Phantom-based pre-render server running behind it for SEO purpose.

hreflang tags and sitemap are configured properly.

When I search the domain using Google in English, it shows me the right result in English, the first result is

But for some reason, when I search using Google in Japanese, the first result is (which is correct). But the title and description are in English. The interesting part is when I check the cache version of the site (there's a little triangle icon next to the domain, clicking it will be able to see the cache version of the site), it's in the correct language.

I have no idea why it behaves like that.

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