Using Google Apps to handle customized after hours auto responses to support based email inbox

by David Knapp   Last Updated June 22, 2016 08:01 AM

THE SETUP: Our company has a primary support email that all of our clients use to generate helpdesk tickets. It is a google apps inbox using helpdesk@%our primary domain%

Our ticketing support auto pulls from this inbox and then moves into "all mail" or rather "archives" it in Google lingo.

THE NEED: I want to have an after hours auto responder (only once per after hours period from 6:01pm-8:59am the following day) that immediately fires off an auto responder that lets the email sender know it is an after hours ticket.

THE QUESTION: How to implement a time-based auto-responder in Gmail (on a Google Apps domain)?

Answers 1

There is no setting in the Gmail UI for a time based auto response.

The Email Settings API does allow you to enable, disable, change, and poll the current state of the autoresponder.

June 21, 2016 22:17 PM

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