On-page email header missing in Gmail

by rdio79   Last Updated November 15, 2017 02:03 AM

When I send emails from my email-server to Gmail it doesn't show the:

First Last <email@domain1.com>

It only shows:

First Last

It shows the email if I hover over it, but not on the page.

For some strange reason, it will show the email header on-page if I send from a user that doesn't have a mailbox setup. i.e. sending from contact@domain1.com but there is no associated mailbox - then it shows:

First Last <contact@domain1.com>

For an some even stranger reason, it will show the email header on-page from a mailbox that exists if I include an '@' symbol in the sender name. i.e. First Las@t will show:

First Las@t <email@domain1.com>

but First Last will only show:

First Last

Any ideas as to why this is?

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