Change personal Gmail account to use own domain name

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I really like Gmail as an email provider, mainly because its spam settings seem to be so much 'smarter' than most other services. At the moment I've have a personal Gmail account (not a Google Apps for Business) and I have a domain.

In the past I would have just set up a Google Apps for Business account, but they've started charging for them (as of today - Techcrunch article).

Is there a way I can set up my normal Gmail account - to be

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Sure, all you have to do is go to and create an email address and then have all email to that address forwarded to your Gmail. I have almost 100 different email addresses at, all forwarded to my Gmail.

December 07, 2012 13:20 PM

According to Google Operating System:

Apparently, there's a workaround that lets you use the free version of Google Apps for a single account. "If you create a new Apps account going through the App Engine Admin Console you'll still be able to create a Standard Apps account for free but you'll only be able to get 1 user per account rather than the 10 you get today," says Greg D'Alesandre, Senior Product Manager for Google App Engine.


December 07, 2012 14:38 PM

Goto with your Gmail account and tranfer your Google+ circles to your new account.

Jacob Jan Tuinstra
Jacob Jan Tuinstra
January 06, 2013 16:00 PM

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