Infogram not showing a list of Google Sheets documents after permission is given

by CJ Dennis   Last Updated June 30, 2020 03:03 AM

I'm trying to create an Infogram chart based on data in a Google Sheets sheet. I've been following the instructions at

I've done step 3, which says: "Connect your Google Drive account. All of your sheets will be displayed in the list."

A separate browser tab opens up to ask for permission to connect Infogram to Google Drive. When I give it permission, the tab closes itself. I get an alert on my phone to say that something has asked for permission, which I acknowledge as OK. The problem is that although it does connect to Google Drive, it doesn't display my sheets on the original tab, nor does it open a new tab with a list of my sheets.

When I click the button to select a sheet again, all it does is reconnect to Google Drive. How do I progress to the next step of seeing a list of sheets in my Google Drive?

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