Use Google Forms to allow updating of old data and linking to correct record

by Autism Intervention Trust   Last Updated October 21, 2018 00:03 AM

I organise a small holiday programme which requires quite a bit of information about the children who attend (to ensure they are safe). This information splits into two types:

  • Information that never or rarely changes: Child's Name, Date of birth, Home Address
  • Information which changes with each enrolment: Days attending, Child's Interests

At the moment, we use a paper form for the first set of information, and a google form for the second set. I would like to move to using (two?) google forms for all the information.

With the "rarely changes" information, I want to be able to display what we already know, and allow the parent to make updates as necessary. For example, if your address has changed, you want to change address but not have to re-enter every other piece of information.

Please can you help me:

  • Read the information from the google sheet for the new form
  • Create a link from the original form to the appropriate record on the new form.

This programme is run by a small charity and we need to solve this problem in a cost effective way. Cutting down on physical paper will save us time and printing costs. Thank you for helping us!

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