How to I calculate ranking poll in google forms

by Admiral Ackbar   Last Updated September 13, 2018 21:03 PM

So, I'm a part of a facebook group that is interested in sports and we would like to create our own NCAA Football Top 25 poll. Thus, I used Google Forms to create a poll where the questions are the individuals numbers 1 - 25 and the answers are the available teams that they can rank in that spot. You can see the form here:

My question is, how can I create code to automatically calculate the rankings on the back-end? It needs to be set up to where, if someone chooses a team, say "Alabama" as the #1 spot, then Alabama would be awarded 25 points. If the next person comes along and ranks Alabama as #2, then Alabama is awarded 24 points in addition to the 25 previously awarded.

I cannot figure out the coding for this, so any help is appreciated.

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