How can students view highlighted comments on their assignments in Google Classroom?

by at01   Last Updated September 13, 2018 19:03 PM

Students have been submitting PDFs of their math homework in Google Classroom. I've been then clicking the "Add a comment" button to drag a highlight area over the section of the document I want to comment on. I might drag it over an equation and then write a little comment like "what happens if you move x to the other side?"

Unfortunately, it's just been made aware to me that students only see the yellow highlights over their PDFs when they view their assignment in Google Classroom :(. There's no obvious way for them to view all the notes I've been spending time writing!

Is there a way at all for students to view my notes? Is this a temporary bug in Google Classroom or an unimplemented feature? I was only able to find this help page on providing feedback on assignments.

Here is an example of some feedback I provided. I dragged my mouse cursor to highlight "Therefore x would be a subset of A" and provided the comment shown.

Example of feedback

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