filtering a list in google sheets by value of offset column

by Sirex   Last Updated January 13, 2018 20:03 PM

If i have a sheet laid out similar to the below.

      | T1 | T2 |   
one   | X  |    |
two   | X  |  X |
three |    |  X |

If there a way i can make a dynamically updated list of values from the first column where they have an X in the column offset by (say) one column from their own value ?

So in this case one list that'd be 'one and two' and one that'd include 'two and three'

Something like; =FILTER(A2:A5, OFFSET("C[1]") == "X") ?

Up to now i've been using the funnel filter tool on the column built into the app, which works for smaller item numbers - but really i'd like to be able to have each filtered output on it's own worksheet.

Tags : google-sheets

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