Did Google Docs suddenly start stripping newlines?

by Kev   Last Updated January 11, 2018 18:03 PM

Up until yesterday, documents looking like this: http://collabshot.com/show/9uxIB6

Would be copied and pasted in plain text (e.g. in a plain text area on a web page, or a plain text editor like VSCode or GEdit) like this:




...just like they look in the document, and just as I typed them (pressing Enter twice at the end of a line, no "after paragraph" spacing tomfoolery.)

This morning, it seems the exact same document (and every other document I've tried so far) now gets copied with extra newline stripped:



For my particular use case this is really annoying, because I'm editing Markdown and this necessitates an extra regex replacement to put all the newlines back every time I change a document.

What I've tried (to no avail)

  1. Installing the Docs Offline plugin, the one you're annoyingly prompted to install whenever you use Copy from the context menu instead of Ctrl+C, and reloading the page.
  2. Restarting my computer completely (and not restoring tabs, using fresh ones for any Google Docs attempts.)
  3. Using Firefox instead of Chromium (and Firefox never had this problem before today, either).
  4. Asking a colleague to try this in Windows (I'm using Linux Mint)--it's also broken there.

Why did they change it? Will they change it back?

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