Remove UTM code from the end of HTML link in google sheets

by Chris McMahon   Last Updated January 11, 2018 14:03 PM

I have a question about Google Sheets.

I have a link that I pull in elsewhere. Let's say it looks like this:

I've been able to truncate it down to /site/interesting-content/name-of-article.html?utm_source=source&utm_campaign=ab&utm_medium=medium&utm_term=paid using a substitute function.

But i'd like to further truncate it down to /site/interesting-content/name-of-article.html

The problem is, there's quite a few UTM campaigns that I can pull links from. So ideally, I'd like to remove anything after .html, without having to specify EXACTLY what needs to be removed.

I tried using a right function to get a copy of what I want to remove, so that in another cell I could do a substitute function on it to remove the unneeded bits:


But it ended up looking like this: ent/name-of-article.html?utm_source=source&utm_campaign=ab&utm_medium=medium&utm_term=paid

Answers 1

Try replacing with REGEXREPLACE:



REGEXREPLACE takes string (first parameter), then using pattern (second parameter) finds text that starts with ? until end of string, and replaces it with empty string (third parameter).

January 11, 2018 14:02 PM

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