Document with Hyperlinks from Google Sheets

by Bill T   Last Updated January 10, 2018 11:03 AM

I use zapier to automatically send information from blog posts in feedly to a Google sheet. I want to create document as automatically as possible. I have these columuns: Author Source Title Link Category

I want to sort the rows by category, which isn't a problem, but then create a new cell with the title that is linked to the article. I would also love to have the author and source underneath each title so I can easily create a document and email it out to teachers. It should look like this:

Control of Newark Schools Is Back in City Hands After State Board of Ed Vote John Smith - Newark News

MoMath with "The Global Math Project" Exceeds Goal of Reaching More Than One Million Students in over 100 Countries Bill Blanks - Math Blog

And the titles would be clickable links to the posts.

Thanks for any help everyone, I'm a one man show and she as much automation as I can get,


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