How to join tables between the sheet and query in Google Sheets

by Code Guy   Last Updated January 09, 2018 09:03 AM

In Sheet2 I have the following columns with ~1000 rows


In Sheet3 I have the following columns with 3000 rows

[ company   first_name  last_name   full_name   email   amount ]

I need to get the the result by joining sheets, that is

Sheet3 email = Sheet2 EMAIL ADDRESS  

first_name last_name (from Sheet3), email address (from Sheet3), PRODUCT (from Sheet2), amount (from Sheet3)

How do I get this, its ok even if it is a custom function in Google Sheets

I tried with

=QUERY(Sheet2!A1:D3, "Select B & ' ' & C WHERE B='" & Sheet3!$E2 & "'", 0)

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