How to chart based on unique values in a column?

by Paymahn Moghadasian   Last Updated January 08, 2018 07:03 AM

Goal: trying to chart historical data that I'm collecting

Context: I've invested in cryptocurrencies and built a spreadsheet to track my investments. I recently wrote a script which will every 12 hours take a snapshot of my spreadsheets and keep some historical data. I'd like to have charts for this historical data but I'm not sure how to make them. I've tried playing around with the charting tool and pivot tables but haven't figured out a way to use a "group by" notion like in SQL.

My data looks something like the following:

Time    Coin    Count    Value
1       BTC     1        10
1       XRP     10       5
1       LTC     2        3
2       BTC     1        12
2       XRP     10       7
2       LTC     2        1

I'd like to build graphs to show for example, how the value of each coin has changed over time. My mental model of what I'd like to accomplish is along the lines of "graph the Value column over time grouped by the Coin column"

Is it possible to do that? Will I need to reorganize my data?


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