To what extent are filters dependent upon the browser?

by Thufir   Last Updated December 19, 2016 08:01 AM


I've pared down some of my larger gmail labels by deleting old, labeled e-mails. Because I've exceeded my quota, I'm now going through old mail by performing a search for has:nouserlabels. From those results I'm visually looking for e-mail lists and then filtering those lists, then deleting them.

Conceivably I could just delete the query results for has:nouserlabels. Probably there wouldn't be an adverse effects. For now, however, I'll just try to label old e-mails.


When the browser is closed or the connection interrupted before the filter has done everything, but after the filter is created (which the gmail web interface will report with your filter has been created, will the filter continue to run and operate on old e-mails?

I ask because bulk deletes seem to stall, possibly dependent upon the browser.

In particular, this is about the checkmark to apply to all e-mail which match the search criteria of the filter.

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