How to manage a wired connection in network-manager using gnome-shell?

by Karl Richter   Last Updated January 17, 2018 17:02 PM

I'm having trouble managing my ethernet connection (ASIX 88179 USB 3.0 adapter) in GNOME shell. I have a working WiFi connection listed in the control dropdown (with sound, brightness, user, system settings, shutdown and reboot, etc. function).

The device is neither recognized at boot, nor if I reconnect it by pulling the plug and replugging it. However, after setting ifupdown=true in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf and restarting network-manager's systemd unit there's an "USB Ethernet unmanaged" in the control dropdown. Clicking Connect or Wired settings has no effect (meaning absolutely no feedback, not even a crash detected by apport). journalctl -u network-manager is empty. The device isn't listed in nm-connection-editor and adding a connection there has no effect on the GNOME shell control dropdown. The network section in the GNOME shell system settings section is empty except for proxy settings and VPN connections which I consider unrelated to the problem. /etc/network/interfaces only contains source-directory /etc/network/interfaces.d and that directory is empty.

After a restart ifupdown=true remains, but the connection isn't visible in the control dropdown like it was after changing the value and restarting network-manager. A connection with sudo dhclient enx00e07cc862a1 works fine, but has no effect on the UI.

I'm aware of different network connection management approaches through /etc/network/interfaces and network-manager. I know that network-manager can manage interfaces connections if ifupdown=true in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf. I had no problem using both in Unity and my setup hasn't changed.

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