Booting VM... Command not in installer?

by Adam   Last Updated January 14, 2018 01:02 AM

I have a fresh installation of Ubuntu 16.04., I installt VirtualBox, Vagrant and Homestead.

Now I tried to start vagrant with

vagrant up --debug

but my PC freezes on the Booting VM line.

Here is a screenshot that I took with my camera:

enter image description here

I had homestead working for month before and suddenly this error appeared. Thats why I installed Ubuntu fresh again, but I still have the error!

Also after installing everything on a new hard drive (bought a new one as well) I had some strange error messages from vagrant reload

That was the first one: enter image description here

I fixed that by changing the file in ~/.vagrant/machines/homestead-7/virtualbox/creater_uid which was empty and I changed it to 1000.

Then I got another error

enter image description here

I fixed that by copying the shown id from the terminal to ~/.vagrant/machines/homestead-7/virtualbox/id and now it just hangs. I have no idea what to do further... Any help would be highly appreciated.

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