System fails to shutdown after messing with pulseaudio

by Nahuel   Last Updated January 14, 2018 00:02 AM

So. I bought a bluetooth adapter for a set of speakers I have. They work great, except there's a delay which makes watching videos a bit annoying.

With youtube, I can use youtube-viewer which uses mplayer and I can happily adjust the AV sync, but the rest of online stuff I can't watch.

I followed this anser: and it had no effect. I gave up quickly and after a reboot, I had no audio. There was no ouput device in the settings.

I don't remember where but I saw someone saying that doing apt-get purge pulse* and then re-installing pulseaudio fixed it for them. I did that and this broke many things (of course) like the volume indicator and whatnot. I was able to fix some things but now every once in a while I get no output device again and when I open Pulse Audio Volume Control it shows an error that it can't start the service.

So, besides my sound settings being completely broken, now the computer doesn't shutdown. Here's what it says (hope it's readable):


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