Registering a USB in Gnome Boxes on Ubuntu 16.04

by Tom King   Last Updated January 12, 2018 16:02 PM

I'm currently running Ubuntu 16.04. I've installed Gnome Boxes and setup a Windows 10 VM on it. (I would use Virtualbox instead, but I had no luck of setting up Windows 10 on it).

I'm trying to get a USB (that I have plugged in) to appear in that Windows 10 VM. Referring to this link it says "USB Devices are shown in a list". However, I am only seeing "CD/DVD empty [Select]" in the 'Devices' tab of my Win10 VM which is used for selecting the ISO file to install wanted OS onto the VM.

Is there any fix or workaround I can do to get my USB to appear on the Win10 VM? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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