wget always going some other IP not the requested IP

by Arut   Last Updated December 07, 2017 11:02 AM

I have Ubuntu 16.04 and wget some file from my another PC connected in same network. My PC-1 IP is and my PC-2 IP is Trying to get a file in from the folder path is /var/www/ and file name is "mydoc"

root@OptiPlex-980:~# wget
--2017-12-07 16:08:45--
Connecting to 

I uninstalled the wget package using "apt remove wget && apt purge wget". Then reinstalled again using "apt install wget" But I am still observing like Connecting to not the IP I am requesting...

But I am trying frpm PC-2 to PC-1 it works fine.

Whats the problem with this PC wget config?

Tags : 16.04 wget

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