Nemo (or another fiile manager): add subfolders to bookmarks

by cronfy   Last Updated August 25, 2017 12:02 PM

Nemo has left panel with 'Computer', 'Bookmarks', 'Devices' and 'Network' sections.

I know how I can add a folder to 'Bookmarks'.

But I want to add them in hierarchical structure, say:

  • Bookmarks (standard section)
    • Downloads (standard bookmark)
    • ... (other standard bookmarks)
    • Projects (my bookmark folder, not a real dir)
      • Project 1 (subfolder in Projects bookmark, real dir)
      • Project 2 (real dir)
      • ...

Is this possible? Or, at least, can I add my own section on the top level with my bookmarks?

If not, is there any file manager that allows it?

Tags : filemanager nemo

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