Customise Bash Terminal Font Colours

by Klicker   Last Updated May 01, 2017 22:02 PM

A short while ago I asked this question, on how to customise the bash terminal font colours. The question was answered and I got the colours wanting, using the link provided by a helpful user.

The command I was looking for was:

export PS1="\e[1;34m\u@\H : \e[m\[$(tput sgr0)\]"

Which gives me the following, in the desired colour:

user@host :

However, after using this for a while, I notice that my bash terminal is now pretty buggy when recording and accessing the command history. This thread describes the exact issue I'm having, and the solution being, "use \[...\] around the parts of PS1 that have length 0".

I feel like I've tried everything to do exactly that in my PS1, but the history still remains buggy. Can someone please point out what I'm missing?

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