How do I add a USB-C OTG network interface in 20.04 LTS?

by Aossey   Last Updated May 23, 2020 01:02 AM

I am trying to add a USB OTG networking interface to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on a Raspberry PI 4. I know the hardware is capable of supporting this because this guide works with the debian-based Raspbian OS, which I have successfully tested. The definition of the usb networking interface seems to be the issue, as the rest of the steps in the guide align fairly well between Raspian and Ubuntu.

Specifically, since Ubuntu 20.04 is using cloud-init, I'm attempting to add the usb0 ethernet interface by changing /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml to the following:

        dhcp4: true
        optional: true
        dhcp4: false
        addresses: []
version: 2

I never see the usb0 interface in ifconfig after generating and applying netplan or rebooting. Is there another way to properly add the interface other than adding to this yaml file since the /etc/network/interfaces.d/ is not used in 20.04?

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